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Image of featured jacket
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The Dream
Henry has a tattoo bearing this image. He wanted the same image embroidered on the back of his Phi Beta Sigma jacket. He heard about Stuff4Greeks from his line brother who ordered a custom t-shirt from us. So Henry went to and uploaded this image with his online order form. He left the magic up to us.

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How do I get my jacket featured?
Just place an order. No other action is required on your part. Each month, we will select one order that we think is the most original and creative concept to date. We will notify you by email if your design is selected.


The Design
Our master digitizers were able to retrace this artwork down to the details in the bones and on the checkerboard robe. We emailed design proofs to Henry until he was happy with how the jacket looked.

The Delivery
We were really impressed with Henry's jacket and with his creative use of the available options. Not only did he submit original artwork, he also took advantage of our new 3-D letters and combined them with the half-and-half letters. This produced a very unique and eye-catching look.

Henry tells us that his family and friends absolutely love the jacket!

Thank you, Henry, for sharing your vision with us and allowing us to make your dream a reality.


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