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Image of featured jacket
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The Dream
Stephen uploaded this image with his order form...

Stephen says: "My line name is "Shivers" so I definitely wanted to go with ICEMAN since there nothing colder than a human made of ice! I searched around until i found a unique picture that I had never seen before and that I felt best represented me and my line name."

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How do I get my jacket featured?
Just place an order. No other action is required on your part. Each month, we will select one order that we think is the most original and creative concept to date. We will notify you by email if your design is selected.


The Design
This design presented a challenge because the highly reflective and transparent nature of ice can be difficult to portray using only fabric and thread. But we have a top-notch art team, and in the end, we pulled it off.

We asked Stephen why he chose Stuff4Greeks to create his jacket...

Stephen says: "I was really sketchy on who to choose to make my jacket and I had looked at companies around the world trying to find a company that was not just affordable, but made great merchandise and has INCREDIBLE customer service! Plus, its hard to find companies who can accommodate the fullest extent of your imagination and that's very important when trying to be original and make a product that NO ONE else has I had heard of S4G before but it wasn't until my line brother ordered and received his jacket from you guys that i was sold. He had utilized a feature that is unique to S4G where you can have an original photo digitized and put on a jacket. His jacket came out so good, that you guys have also listed his jacket in your examples photo gallery! (see COLD SHOULDER). Since this was exactly what I as wanting to do, I hopped on board the S4G train and the rest is history..."


The Delivery
Stephen's jacket turned out great! The Ice Man image pops off of the black background nicely.

Stephen says: "I can honestly say that this jacket has been the best fraternal purchase I've ever made. My twin brother, who is also my line brother, was floored when he saw it. All my chapter brothers are still tripping off it. Everywhere I go, people from ALL organizations tell me that its tightest jacket they've ever seen and ask me where I got it made and I tell them all that its from the greatest greek store in the world, S4G!!!

Thanks again for the making this process the smoothest that it could possibly be. The accurate sizing charts, quick email responses, as well as the accuracy and attention to detail are what make you all stand out far above the rest. Thanks for giving me the ability to represent the organization I love so dearly in a way that screams quality! Be Blessed.."

Thanks, Stephen!

Find out how Stuff4Greeks can digitize any image you send in for your jacket too.


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