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Image of featured jacket
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The Dream
Jamil says:
"... I wanted to get a jacket that would truly express my passion, desire and everlasting love for my sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha. Now this whole process took me about 4 months to actually figure out exactly what I wanted to have on my jacket that would leave me speechless. Stuff4Greeks took their time and made my jacket perfect even though I changed up my jacket like 1908 times!!!! There were so many options and choices and it took a lot of time to find out what I wanted. I wanted to be creative and unique to have my own jacket and not knocking off of others, so im glad to say my jacket is one of a kind and a 1908 original! My journey to AKA has made me such a strong woman and I wanted to create a design that would symbolize a woman of power and strength."


"Reaching for the Ivy" by A. C. Smith

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How do I get my jacket featured?
Just place an order. No other action is required on your part. Each month, we will select one order that we think is the most original and creative concept to date. We will notify you by email if your design is selected.


The Design
Jamil says:
"The scenery and woman reaching for the ivy is an image that has a lot of deep meaning to my line sisters and I. This is an image that symbolizes that there are no limits to what women of Alpha Kappa Alpha can do. Everything in my jacket has a purpose and meaning to me going from the anchor to the sands.

I chose stuff for Greeks because of the huge selection of designs, materials and especially assistance they provide to their customers. There are no limits to what you want to have done with any 'nalia of your Sorority or Fraternity with Stuff4Greeks!!! Stuff4Greeks beats them all!!"


The Delivery
Jamil says:
"A picture truly is worth a thousand words, and when I received my jacket I couldn’t have felt more ecstatic about how stuff4greeks put all of my emotion and love for AKA into my jacket. AKA is something that I have worked hard for and every time I look at my jacket it gives me a sense of pride and accomplishment and is something that I will cherish forever.

For all of my friends and family who see my jacket, they are astonished by the intricate detail and precision... For those who understand the deep meaning behind my jacket they have even more of an appreciation for this unique design, and absolutely love it.

Thank you Stuff4greeks for all of your hard work and making my vision come true!!!"

Find out how Stuff4Greeks can bring your vision to life too...


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