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S4G Spotlight Story | October 2009 | Ariel Carter
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The Dream

Since Ariel's name was "Optimus Pearl," she wanted a picture of Optimus Prime on the back of her jacket.

Ariel says: "It was suggested to me to utilize the character 'Optimus Prime' on my jacket since it was a perfect match with my name. It was a little known fact that Transformers is one of my favorite movies of all time. Being able to incorporate that into my jacket was such a wonderful thing."





Optimus Prime appears courtesy of Hasbro, Inc.

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The Design

This was one of the most intricate images that we've ever digitized. We spent a lot of time redrawing the tiny wheels, gears, grills, and flames so that we could get Optimus Prime just right. Then we changed the colors to pink and green to match Ariel's sorority colors.

We asked Ariel why she and her sisters chose S4G to make their jackets. She says: "I chose S4G because I was confident in their ability to create an end product that I would be 100% satisfied with. When speaking to them, they assured me they could recreate those intricate details of the Transformer with the digitized image on my jacket. Several hours were spent by my sister and I on various websites comparing designs for our entire group. Based on the designs that were available on this website, we knew S4G was for us! The customer service was excellent from the proof to the delivery! "


The Delivery

The end result is a visually stunning image on the back of Ariel's jacket. Looking at it on a computer screen doesn't do it justice. You need to get up close to appreciate the detail in every thread. This one is a definite head-turner.

Ariel tells us that "everyone LOVES the jacket."

"I receive comments everywhere I go. Someone said 'The detail and time put into the jacket is undeniable.'"

Thank you, Ariel, for letting us transform your dream jacket into a reality!

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