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S4G Spotlight Story | January 2010 | Jose J. of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.
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The Dream

Jose's fiancee, Jasmine, wanted to create the most special crossing gift for him.

Jasmine told us: "I actually came up with the idea while designing a crossing gift for Jose. Being a graphic designer I thought it would be nice to make an animated character of him. While in processes of making a poster I saw many custom jackets at a step show I attended and thought that it would be nice to combine the two. So I had asked around and S4G came highly recommended for quality embroidered crossing jackets."

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How do I get my jacket featured?
Just place an order. No other action is required on your part. Each month, we will select one order that we think is the most original and creative concept to date. We will notify you by email if your design is selected.


The Design

Once Jasmine placed the order, we began the digitizing process. We spent several hours getting the design just right so that it would translate perfectly into fabric and thread on the back of Jose's jacket.

When we asked Jasmine why they decided to order from S4G, she said "I had gotten a business card from a friend and Jose and I visited your website. We looked through the galleries and were convinced that S4G was a legit place to place an order and get back a custom designed crossing jacket that he would enjoy and that all his friends would envy. We looked through every design in the design gallery as well as the photo gallery and it became harder to figure out what we wanted in regards to the jackets because of the huge selection. It got easier as we went further through the process (placing the order and getting the proof back). The customer service was wonderful. We changed the style numerous times and it was fast and easy, the people were great and it seemed like as soon as I sent an e-mail I got one back just as fast. So it made the process quick and easy. "


The Delivery

"Where can I get one?"

According to Jasmine, these are just some of the many wonderful responses that Jose gets when people see his jacket.

Jasmine says: "I was amazed myself. As soon as I saw him put it on, I was floored! It looks great on him, he feels proud with it on, and that's all we wanted. It was more than either of us expected and more than either of us could have ever asked for. The detail and the colors are wonderful."

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